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Explore the 5 Buildify 2016 winning proposals.

Learn how you can partner with us to achieve social impact through architecture together – for #BetterEducation #YouthDevelopment #CapacityBuilding #SustainableDevelopment and more.

#1  Palenque Tambillo: Afro-ecuadorian Cultural Center 

Location: Tambillo, Ecuador

Three school teachers from Tambillo initiated an Afro-Ecuadorian children’s music and dance association. To go further, they need their own Cultural Centre for teaching, practicing and performing this traditional music – which is recognised by UNESCO as a valuable form of intangible heritage. Four young architects have teamed-up with the community to create a space to sustain the cultural-economic development of this endangered community.

#2  ModSkool completed!

Location: New Delhi, India

Following the demolition of their school in the Yamuna Khadar slum, local youth mobilised and erected a basic shelter using plastic sheets and bamboo. Then, two architects joined forces with the community to build a school that can be easily (dis)assembled. This flexible design protects the community from natural and manmade disasters by providing climate responsive, self-build and better sanitation solutions.

#3  Cultural Factory of Atucucho 

Location: Quito, Ecuador

Atucucho is a struggling settlement in Quito. Here, a local youth organisation teamed-up with architects to propose a factory building – a space that would provide trainings and host cultural activities. The building of this factory aims to innovate upon local construction practices in Ecuador through the circular economy: by recycling and reusing waste materials from the local building industry.

#4 Fairy Water Village Development

Location: Chen Zhou, China

The Fairy Water Village community wants to build a more resilient future on their own. Their first step is to restore the Granting – a 300-year-old community meeting hall and symbol of this Chinese community. The community has teamed-up with two architects to restore their cultural heritage, develop water infrastructure and create new economic possibilities.

#5  Centre for Urban Poor Consortium 

Location: Parung, Regency of Bogor, Indonesia

The proposed community centre in Parung is part of a larger farmland development project that incorporates sustainable design principles like harvesting rainwater and building with locally sourced materials. Four architects are currently working with this Indonesian community organisation to build a community building from bamboo while simultaneously developing new economic opportunities through eco-farming.

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