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About Buildify

Buildify is a global competition. We scout for socially and environmentally sustainable architecture initiatives and provide much needed support to help them work through their challenges. Our focus is on urgent initiatives with high social impact and high architectural added value. We connect project teams with the financial, material and knowledge resources they need, so they can spend less time looking for support and more time developing good architecture.

Funders, suppliers and advisors wanted!

We have selected five social impact projects for you. These projects are solving some of the most pressing issues of our time, leading the way in the socially and environmentally sustainable architecture. To secure the development process and make the projects a reality, they are in urgent need of partners and resources.

Through #Buildify we are systematically transforming architectural practice by re-distributing resources across various platforms and online media. Together we can unlock the potential of bottom-up architecture: choose a project that you believe in and join as a #Buildify partner!

Join the movement. Make visible impact.

Sustainable, responsible and impact investing is expanding. In Latin America, for example, total capital committed to impact investment has grown 12-fold in 5 years. It’s not just companies getting involved, today 64% of young professionals have expressed their wish to make more of a social impact through their work.

You can respond immediately and support a project that you believe in. Every small donation can sum up to the capital needed for a particular project and every person who becomes involved is a part of the global movement to support and transform community architecture practice. Use ‘contact' to get in touch for more details.

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