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Revitalising Afro-Ecuadorian heritage through climate-responsive, environmentally-responsible architecture.

Meet the Tambillo community

Learn about the dance and music tradition of the Tambillo community and the aspiration for the Cultural Centre.


Three school teachers from Tambillo initiated an Afro-Ecuadorian children’s music and dance association. To go further, they need their own Cultural Centre for teaching, practicing and performing this traditional music – which is recognised by UNESCO as a valuable form of intangible heritage. Four young architects have teamed-up with the community to create a space to sustain the cultural-economic development of this endangered community.

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What is the impact of this project?

This project will directly benefit the 600 children who currently participate in the association’s music and dance practice. By using a wood construction, other natural resources and a seismic-proof design, this space will also help sustain the cultural, environmental and economic development of the local Afro-Ecuadorian community.

What does the team need to proceed to the next phase?

how much funding is needed?

$5,000 seed funding.
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what kind of supply is needed?

Donations of simple woodworking tools.
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what type of advice is needed?

Seismic engineering advice and sustainable design advice.
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