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MODSKOOL is completed!

Empowering a migrant Indian community to design and build its own fit-for-purpose school.


Swati Janu and Nidhi Sohane tell why they initiated ModSkool in this one minute video.


Following the demolition of their school in the Yamuna Khadar slum, local youth mobilised and erected a basic shelter using plastic sheets and bamboo. Then, two architects joined forces with the community to build a school that can be easily (dis)assembled. This flexible design protects the community from natural and manmade disasters by providing climate responsive, self-build and better sanitation solutions.

#Education #Migrants #Slum #DIY #SelfBuild #Bamboo #School #Sanitation.

What is the impact of this project?

This project provides a greatly improved learning environment for the children of the Yamuna Khadar. Its success aims to raise public awareness around the current top-down eviction plans, and encourage more bottom-up DIY initiatives in India and elsewhere

What did the team need to proceed to the next phase?

how much funding is needed?

We got the project funded but your contribution is still very welcome!

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what kind of supply is needed?

We got all the materials needed.
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what type of advice is needed?

Legal advice is still necessary.
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