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Reviving a village’s cultural heritage through
the restoration of its traditional architecture.


The Fairy Water Village community wants to build a more resilient future on their own. Their first step is to restore the Granting – a 300-year-old community meeting hall and symbol of this Chinese community. The community has teamed-up with two architects to restore their cultural heritage, develop water infrastructure and create new economic possibilities.

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What is the impact of your project?

The project in Chen Zhou will directly benefit a village of a thousand people. Furthermore, it offers new solutions to issues associated with massive rural-urban migration in China. This project seeks to empower the thousands of endangered villages in China to restore their heritage and sense of identity. 

What does the team need to proceed to the next phase?

how much funding is needed?

$5,000 seed funding.
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what kind of supply is needed?

Earth moving scraper.
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what type of advice is needed?

Rammed earth technique, historical timber architecture restoration, building management and fundraising advice.
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